What does building a website involve?

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the development and maintenance of websites, these include

- information analyse: what is the purpose of the website, what can someone find or do
- web graphic design: the form, colours, fonts and images to be used
- interface design: how users can interact with a website (structure, navigation)
- authoring: adding text, images and other content to the website
- installing & adapting software: choosing aand implementing the right applications / tools
- user experience design: how users experience a website
- SEO: ensuring search engines (Google / Bing etc) understand your site and that users can find it

Employing many years experience and knowledge, I combine these elements to build a website that meets your needs and enhances your company or organisation. When required I work other specialists, such as a graphic designer and text writers, to provide their specialist skills and services.

KeenWeb - designed to function

Joomla! - open source CMSJoomla Bamboo - Fresh Creative Joomla TemplatesAt the core of a KeenWeb site is the Joomla! content mangement system (CMS), enhanced with leading backup & security, editing and administration tools. Specific quality extensions are added to provide any extra functions / services your website requires.
My websites employ top quality professional responsive templates that utilise the latest web design techniques offering great flexibility and seemless integration with other extensions.

Using this powerful combination I build beautiful yet flexible websites, every page designed to fulfil it's own specific purpose, both visually and functionally.

KeenWeb standard & custom designs packages

I offers three 'standard' website design packages starting at €399. These packages be adapted and expanded upon to create the tailor made website to matche your specific requirements. If these don't match your requirements, please contact me for a custom solution.


Simple / personal websites
- 2 hour consultation
- 1 menu / 5 items
- Template: basic / free
    incl. 1 hr. customisation
- 5 single-column pages
- E-mail contact form
- Search engine friendly
- Support: phone/mail

(exclusive BTW)

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Small / medium business
- 3 hours consultation
- 2 menu / 10 items
- Template: choice (20+)
    incl. 2 hrs. customisation
- 8 single-column pages
- E-mail contact form
- Search engine friendly
- Support: phone/mail

(exclusive BTW)

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Active & large sites
- 4 hours consultation
- 3 menu / 15 items
- Template: choice (20+)
    incl. 3 hrs. customisation
- 10 single-column pages
- E-mail contact form
- Search engine friendly
- Support: phone/mail

(exclusive BTW)

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Contact me now to arrange a 'no strings attached' introduction meeting to discuss your (new) website.

Please contact me about my web design options!

Business information

KeenWeb is a trade name of
Keen Intelligence
Kvk nr.  97654321

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